Cost Effective YouTube Channel Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Marketing Results

Nielson Net Ratings reported in 2008 that YouTube has over 68 million unique visitors per month and has the 6th largest visitor audience in the U.S. (ahead of eBay, Amazon and Wikipedia). More than 2/3 of the U.S. population over the age of 25 has watched a YouTube video and 91% of users have purchased something online. YouTube represents a very powerful marketing channel and opportunity for exposure on the net.

There are ways to tap into this immense audience with big ad spend, however I will focus on more cost effective “organic” tactics. These require time but not a direct cash outlay. For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you have already created a branded YouTube channel and are now looking for ways to leverage your channel, broaden your reach and increase your subscriber base. (If you are new to YouTube and have not yet built your channel, the YouTube help center is a great place to start.)

The first step in maximizing the effectiveness of your YouTube channel is to take a step back and examine your purpose for marketing on YouTube. Is it traffic, distribution, brand? Once you have established a firm purpose, you can begin to put together a targeted plan of attack. Your channel design should reflect your purpose and it is necessary to regularly to take a look at your layout, logo, images and profile information. Make sure your design adequately reflects your brand and message. Think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your website; therefore, it should closely resemble the look and feel of your website and other business materials.

Include information in your profile that describes the type of content that can be found in your channel and website. Further, make sure that you link to your website and include your contact information outside of YouTube. Further, make it known in your profile that you would like users to add comments, rate, share, add video responses and to subscribe to your channel.

When adding video content to your channel, make sure that each video has a clear message and is not obscure and confusing. Keep your content fresh and upload a steady supply of 1 to 2 new videos per week on the same schedule so your subscribers know when to expect new content. Further, update the featured videos frequently. You have the opportunity to feature nine videos on your channel and can control the order and placement of your featured videos. Further, use the playlist feature as a way to organize your videos. Building out playlists by subject matter will help users and subscribers find videos that they are looking for as well as expose them to content that they might not otherwise see.

Also, pay attention to the quality of your videos. YouTube has the capability of displaying videos at a higher quality level. The quality of the uploaded video combined with the individual viewers’ bandwidth will determine if the video is displayed at higher quality. Higher quality video means improved sharpness and visual clarity. The difference is especially noticeable in videos that contain text or fast movement and in full-screen mode. When uploading a video make sure your video resolution is 480 x360 or higher and a frame rate of 24fps (frames per second) or higher.

Each time that you upload a new video, pay specific attention to the types of videos that have done well in the past as well as VSEO (video search engine optimization). Copy the format and subject of videos that have a lot of views, comments and ratings to try to re-create the success. Include specific keywords in the title that people will be searching for in YouTube as well as external search engines. Further, make sure that your description is keyword rich, specific and give credit to participants who appear in the video (same applies to location). This way people who do not know the title of your video can search by the participant’s name or location and your video will come up in the search results. I would also recommend placing your video in the proper, relevant category (contrary to the belief that you can manipulate views by placing your video in a different category). If you are trying to drive traffic from YouTube to your website, include the link to your website at the top of your video description so the link will appear directly below your video title.

Another effective tactic that you can use when uploading new videos to your channel is to use the video annotation feature. Video annotations are a new way that you can add interactive commentary to your videos. You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear. The annotations appear like pop up word balloons (text boxes) as well as onscreen overlays. You can even link from an annotation to another YouTube video, channel, or search result. Annotations are effective in keeping users engaged by linking to your other videos and channels so that they stay focused on your content.

After you have tweaked your channel design, message, organization, video frequency, video SEO and site links, you are ready to increase your subscriber base. The key to successful marketing in YouTube is a large subscriber base. Subscribers will serve as evangelists for your content and they validate your purpose. They increase your view count, rate your videos, comment, add you to their favorites, share with their friends and ultimately increase traffic and exposure to your website/brand. In addition, content submitted by a channel with higher subscriber and friend counts is given more weight when it comes to video rank and popularity.

YouTube has built their engine in a way so that subscribers have to be earned. In order to ask someone to subscribe to your channel, you first have to invite them to become a friend. Once they have accepted your friend invitation, then you can invite them to subscribe to your channel. The key is to invite as many people as possible to become friends. To find these potential friends, stick to the popular channels; these people tend to be the most active on YouTube.

Further, participating in the groups feature is another great way to find friends and increase exposure. Joining groups is an effective way to get in front of people who are interested in certain subjects and ideas, which ultimately can lead to more friends and subscribers. It is also very easy to create a new group in YouTube to attract like-minded users. If you create a new group, make sure it is open and an invitation is not required to subscribe.

Now that you have added as many friends as possible, you can begin to use the share feature. The share feature allows you to notify subscribers and friends each time a new video is uploaded. This share functionality is very handy because it allows you to target specific groups (think marketing silos). For example, you can share with subscribers, friends and people who have received a friend invitation but have not yet accepted or subscribed.

Another feature that is useful once you build your friend base is the bulletin feature. Bulletins are used to broadcast messages and once posted, messages are sent out to all channel contacts. Your contact list includes other users on the site to whom you’re linked through friend invitations as well as the emails of friends which whom you’ve shared videos. You can also create special contact lists by using a label to describe the common theme of that list. You can then place specific contacts into different contact lists and send messages to multiple friends at once.

Because of YouTube’s relevance in the online video space, friends and subscribers should be communicated to on a regular basis. Whether it is through a bulletin, sharing new videos or direct communication, treat these contacts like they are an important part of your business. Remember to respect their privacy and treat them in a similar fashion to your opt-in email list. Remember people who subscribe to your channel are interested in your videos but not your spam so walk a fine line.

If you are using YouTube as a way to drive traffic to your website to increase sales volume, think about the extra steps that you might need to implement on your site to convert YouTube visitors to sales. Whether it is landing pages, a customized message, pricing or any other strategy that will help convert visitors to paying customers, it is worthwhile to test, test, and test until you get it right.

Next I will outline specific tactics that you can implement to increase activity within your channel and your videos. Being an active participant in the YouTube community will go a long way. Networking can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being relevant or not. Earlier I mentioned participating in groups and this definitely falls into the networking category. Here are some additional networking tactics that are worthwhile to implement:

o Search for popular videos that are relevant to your area of expertise and post video responses. Video responses are not widely used and there is a strong possibility that your video response will end up high in the results. The key to remember is that your video can only be used as a response once.

o You can also post video responses to your own videos.

o Watch other people’s videos and comment on them. Keep your comments brief, respectful and on topic.

o You can also comment on your own videos to get the conversation going.

o Mark other user videos as your favorites. This will more than likely get their attention and show that you are participating in the YouTube community.

o Take part in the contests that are running on YouTube. This is another great way to get your content and channel noticed.

o Add your most popular YouTube videos to video search engines and video distribution sites.

o Promote your YouTube channel on your other online outlets such as your blog, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

YouTube is a factor to be reckoned with; the statistic most telling is the fact that 10 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you implement all or some of the above outlined strategies, you will most definitely see an uptick in your YouTube channel results. Like any other organically grown marketing strategy, it takes time and patience before you see measurable results. Hang in there and know that this is a process that is worthwhile and will pay off in the long run.

The Importance of Knowing and Following All YouTube Rules

As it was formerly pointed out, if you are preparing on submitting videos to YouTube and sharing them with other web users, you are more likely to discover a bigger number of guidelines to follow. YouTube motivates you to utilise care when making your videos, as you never ever truly understand who will be seeing them. Not just do you have to stress about online predators seeing your YouTube videos, however you likewise have to fret about law enforcement doing the exact same thing.

In connection with your YouTube video material, you likewise require to make sure that your video material is in fact yours. In current times, there have actually been numerous circumstances where YouTube made it on the news for having a big number of copyright products on their site. You will desire to make sure that videos you publish online were really made by you.

If you are, you will require signing up for a complimentary YouTube subscription account. In a matter of minutes, you can be on your method to ranking or evaluating the YouTube videos you enjoy or even submitting your own videos!

In a matter of minutes, you can be on your method to ranking or evaluating the YouTube videos you enjoy or even publishing your own videos! YouTube is a lot of enjoyable, whether you are just interested in seeing videos or if you desire to publish your own, YouTube, like all other online sites, have a number of limitations and guidelines. Must you forget your YouTube login info; you must be able to follow YouTube’s guidelines to obtain your YouTube indication in name, as well as your password.

Another guideline that lots of video watchers have to follow issues leaving remarks on YouTube video pages or getting involved in the YouTube online forums. In connection with your YouTube video material, you likewise require to make sure that your video material is really yours.

If you are just interested in enjoying YouTube videos, not always submitting your own, you will discover that there are fewer guidelines and constraints for you. Need to you forget your YouTube login info, you ought to be able to follow YouTube’s guidelines to obtain your YouTube indication in name, as well as your password.

The above discussed guidelines are simply a few of the lots of that you might be anticipated to follow when utilising YouTube. If you sent a video that went versus YouTube’s standards, your video might be gotten rid of.

Another guideline is that numerous YouTube video watchers have to follow issues leaving remarks on YouTube video pages or taking part in the YouTube online forums. Whenever you leave remarks for a YouTube video submitter, you are encouraged to utilize your finest judgment.

YouTube is a lot of enjoyable, whether you are just interested in seeing videos or if you desire to publish your own, YouTube, like all other online sites, have a number of limitations and guidelines. It is not just essential that you understand those guidelines, however that you follow them, as there are a variety of repercussions for not. Simply a few of the guidelines imposed on YouTube are detailed listed below.

1. You should only have one email address linked with your account.
2. You should certainly not post duplicate content.
3. You should always make your videos applicable to its title & keywords.
4. You should not ever purchase views.
5. You should certainly not ever use software to add ratings, comments, or friends automatically.
6. You should not use irrelevant keywords
7. With YouTube’s new insight feature, they are following the attention people are giving to each video. YouTube can understand this and then easily assume that your title is very relevant to the information on the video if people are watching your entire video.

8. The Google search ranking rules of providing good, decent and, accurate content that generate public attention are exactly the same rules that You Tube is using as well so bear that in mind when choosing the title.

So these are all some common stipulations you should keep in mind before publishing any video in YouTube.

YouTube Fame: Secret Strategies Concealed In Your YouTube Analytics

Acquiring your video to go viral on YouTube is somehow a burly task. Famous videos on YouTube are charged with humorous and genuine content which connects with its audience. Watching tutorial videos to become famous is impossible. Brainstorming and listing down your ideas and considering some strategies could help you rank up your videos.

YouTube Analytics is alive but it is entombed in your account. It is a mini overview of your channel that could help you discover what does audience wants you to implement. When it comes to content and video marketing. The essential tools you could bring are quality and engagement, specific and pertinent content should be provided in order for your audience get to take action.

Do you want to authorize the real power of YouTube Video Content? Make your videos a lot more appealing, sharable and continue reading this article.

Finding your YouTube Channel Analytics is not easy unless you read an instruction on how to find it, it is worthy to find because from there you will see a bale of dashboards and reports from all areas that are needed for fertile exploration.

First, click on “Creator Studio,” located at the top right-hand corner then scroll down to Analytics. Then the secret discovery begins… just continue reading this article.

Channel Performance

Click on “overview” to see at least snapshots of your channel performance. This area might need your most consideration because you wanted the assurance of getting as much engagement from YouTube as your expected goal. Traffic, subscribers, and monetization of your content are some of the essential tools on your first steps to success.

YouTube Analytics is your important marketing message.

You might wonder who are those people watching your videos, where are they from and which group of age do they belong, lucky for you YouTube Analytics is to the rescue. YouTube’s platform really has impressive tools.

Being aware who your audience is will help you create content and marketing messages for them. Ready to meet them? Click on “demographics,” the report will provide you with your audience’s location and their age group. Once you already know your audience, you’ll be able to think broadly what kind of content you should create and modify in order to connect and speak directly to your audience.

YouTube Analytics for a higher rank in search engines.

Are you satisfied with your videos’ views? You might be thinking that your audience does love and appreciates your content, take a look at your Retention Rate, you might be surprised with the rate of viewers who clicks away before your video is finished. Retention Rate provides you with the average time for each of your videos. This area from your Analytics is very important (In fact, all of the areas!) because that is where Google looks at and uses to judge and tell if your video is interesting or sad to say, uninteresting.

“Higher retention rate, Higher search ranks!” keep that in mind. Shorter videos can increase the possibility of people watching your content till the end. Think about yourself as a viewer, if the video is too long, either you are going to skip a scene from it or just leave the video. Right? You must think about your audience’s interests, then once you have the knowledge in what does your audience is looking for, you should be able to create content that delivers the information they need.

YouTube Analytics to drive traffic to your website? Possible!

Finding strategies to drive traffic and generate leads to your website is somewhat essential when it comes to operating a business. Well, if you are running a YouTube channel and you need to generate leads from it, the answers are already in your hands! This area is one of the amazing secrets behind your YouTube channel. Using YouTube Analytics, you could drive traffic to your website from your videos, 100% confidently sure! How?

Ever seen some pop-ups on a YouTube video? These are annotations! It’s like a call-to-action box that lays over the top of the video, it could be annoying for the viewers because it might be blocking what they are watching. But, if you use this feature the right way, guarantee, YouTube Annotations can turn your viewers into leads and sales!

YouTube Analytics provides you the pitons and dunk for your content, you can point the time period when engagement is high and find the point where most of the viewers click away from your video. Here’s the strategy: Find that speck where your viewers stop watching your content, that is where you are going to provide them the annotation which points to your website, make sure to put it ten seconds before the point they exit. Start turning many of these “exit peoples” into leads! Add an “Associated Website” annotation right before the dip with a clear message to give the viewers a reason to click your call-to-action. Observe the efficient increase of views to your websites and leads just by adding annotations to your videos.

Improving your Annotations’ conversion? YouTube Analytics is the solution!

“Click Through Rates” is one of the most effective features of YouTube Analytics, it features your annotations. You can see which annotations are connecting with your content and which are not. Once you are situated on the inner part of Annotation Analytics. You can now obtain the opportunity to track the click-through rates for each annotation you have. By using this feature, you will be able to:

  • Adjust the time of annotations, you will be able to perceive and measure the success of conversion, and also the failure of conversion.
  • Modify or adjust the copy of your annotations to measure the difference that transpires.

YouTube Analytics for collecting data for your paid advertising.

Use YouTube Analytics to create, modify, and produce the marketing message to define your targeting when it’s about paid advertising. Finding out which videos are the most popular with the highest number of views. You will also find which and what sort of contents your viewers are engaging. From there, it will allow you to create ads that will hit and explode interest for your market, either with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter which are all providing an extensively effective ways to advertise your brand and business, this strategy will help you get better to reciprocate from your advertising activities.

As you know, YouTube Analytics provides you with your audiences’ information:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age Groups